About Me

Welcome to my website !

I'm Janusz Kurek, freelance photographer based in Coventry, UK.
For me becoming a photographer is not something I have planned of being...
I have just fallen in love with photography and that was over a quarter of century ago when my parents bought me my first camera. Since then my passion has grown intensely and so has my experience. After I discover what magic I can create working behind the lens when capturing my family's and my own precious moments I decided to share my experience and my love to photography with others and become a freelance photographer after buying my first professional DSLR camera and lenses in 2009. I’m not afraid of challenges and adapt my skills based on the brief and needs of my clients. Whatever type of photography you want, you can count on my organised approach and creative flair to surpass all your expectations. I specialize in weddings but I shoot bit of everything. Portraits, family, children, commercial, aerial, landscape, you name it...I'll do it!